Radio Taxi Brixia Cooperative – Since 1970 in Brescia

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SINCE 1970 in BRESCIA...

Since 1970, the Radio Taxi service of the Municipality of Brescia has been provided by the Radio Taxi Brixia Cooperative.

It is the only company operating in the area with functions of management and coordination of the public service from the square in the city of Brescia.


The company, established in 1970 in the form of a cooperative, currently has 100 members, all operators of the taxi service who are licensed by the municipality of Brescia.

At the Company’s headquarters (Brescia – Villaggio Sereno Traversa XVIII° n. 12/b ) there is a radio taxi center in which 5 employees operate.

The administration, on the other hand, is ensured by the Council, which is entirely made up of taxi drivers.

In the same location, the secretariat, a large garage and the laboratory provide the company and its associates with every technical and administrative support. Adequate equipment allows the Cooperative’s technicians to carry out assembly and repairs to the equipment supplied to the members.

The administrative secretariat, as well as taking care of the legal-fiscal part of the Company, is always available to the members to help them in the management of their specific craft businesses.

"The Taxis of yesteryear..."

Fiat 501 Taxi, 1922

Particular version of the extremely robust Fiat 501, built from 1922 to 1929 and prepared for the application of the legal provisions for taxis.
In those years the telephone call service began to spread through devices installed in the parking areas of public cars.